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From RobLa
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I was really, really into ELO when I was a kid. So the Xanadu soundtrack was a really big deal to me.

Olivia Newton-John[edit | edit source]

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Olivia Newton-John was the main attraction for most cisgendered, heterosexual young boys like myself. I said "like myself". That wasn't the main attraction for young User:RobLa. I thought she was really attractive, but I was really young when this movie came out, so my main attraction was with....

Electric Light Orchestra[edit | edit source]

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I eagerly awaited the release of this album. We moved to Lewiston shortly after my little brother was born, so I had to wait until we unpacked the old reefer trailer with all of our family's belongings before I got to listen to it very much. But I listened to "I'm Alive every opportunity that I heard it on the radio.

I wore the vinyl out on the ELO side of this album. I wasn't really into Olivia Newton-John yet (I was still a little kid when Xanadu came out). I wore out the grooves on the ELO side of this album, though.