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User:RobLa is the user account for Rob Lanphier. I am (among other things) an electoral theory wonk, a software developer, and an engineering management nerd. I'm also the admin for RobLaWiki, so I hope you like it here.

For my global Miraheze user page, see the following page:

For self-indulgent extras, keep on reading....


Here's some Miraheze wikis that I'm an admin/bureaucrat on:

Since I'm a board member, I also sometimes read and sometimes edit these wikis:


Useful template: Template:Journals

The latest information about me is in my journals. Here's a list of wiki journals that I'm keeping:


main article: meta:User:RobLa

Miraheze is the host for this wiki. I've been a Miraheze community member since September 2018 (main wiki: electowiki). As of January 2020, I'm also a member of the Miraheze board.


Here's a few highlights from my CV that seem relevant to people wondering about my possible contribution the Miraheze Board:

I give details about all of this stuff over on


A few other places to learn more about me