Rule B

From RobLa
originally written at starting April 11, 2020‎

"Rule B" for the "Bill of Responsibilities":

There is no "undo" on the Internet.

Words have meaning. Once words leave your mouth, there is no undo (only apologies). Once you post something on the Internet (even in a private conversation), there's no taking those words back. And people will think about those words, long after you regret saying them. Don't say anything you'll regret, and certainly, be careful with what you post online.

Forum specific applications[edit | edit source]

Electowiki[edit | edit source]

This is a wiki. That means that every change you make stays in the permanent history of this wiki. Of course, there are going to be times when we need to delete revisions, and we may need to ask Miraheze to delete items. But we really prefer not to go there. So please, be thoughtful what you post, and think before you hit "Save changes..."

EM-list[edit | edit source]

The "election-methods" mailing list is a broadcast medium. When you hit "send", and the email is received by the mailing list server, it gets blasted out to many folks that are saving copies of the email. Once again, it is possible to delete messages from the official archive, but it is difficult to know where else the mailing list is being archived. It's pretty much impossible for anyone to delete a message that has already been received by a mailing-list subscriber. It's best to think before sending.

RobLa's Facebook wall[edit | edit source]

It really drives me bananas when people delete their conversations when they regret what they said. When it's their wall, it's fine. When it's my wall, I get a little cranky. Especially when I've spent a lot of time responding, and when I've spent political capital pinging my friends. Or rather, when I've spent the attention capital of my friends. So don't do it, y'all!