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I was really, really into Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) when I was a kid.

On the Third Day[edit | edit source]

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This album came out in 1973. My copy of the album has the whole band showing off their belly buttons.

Out of the Blue[edit | edit source]

I remember listening a warped copy of Out of the Blue when I was a little kid. It was published on Jet Records in the U.K., but redistributed in the U.S. by United Artists. And the vinyl quality was terrible. I got it as a hand-me-down because my sister bought it, then it warped (probably because she left it in the sun), then let me have it. I eventually got a CBS Records reprint and was finally able to listen to "Night in the City" and "It's Over", which were kind of a disappointment after years of not being able to hear those songs. Sweet Talkin' Woman and Mr. Blue Sky played just fine, because they were toward the center of the their respective discs. I was able to listen to "Turn to Stone" because of the next ELO album I purchased...

Greatest Hits[edit | edit source]

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I wore the vinyl out on this one too. When I got that album home after buying it at Grigg's in Pasco, Washington (I think), I was amazed at how many of the songs I recognized. We listened to a lot of FM radio in our fancy 1976 Cadillac when we lived in Denver, but that's another story...

Xanadu[edit | edit source]

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I eagerly awaited the release of this album. I wasn't really into Olivia Newton-John yet (I was still a little kid when Xanadu came out). I wore out the grooves on the ELO side of this album, though.

Others[edit | edit source]

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I have a lot of their discography on vinyl.