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Idaho has lots of potatoes, but only in the southern part of the state. The main agricultural region in the northern part of the state is the Palouse, where the have peas and lentils. And lots of wheat, that requires a hillside combine to harvest.

Cities[edit | edit source]

Idaho has "cities". Some of them even have Wal-Marts and Costcos.

Lewiston[edit | edit source]

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Lewiston brags about being Idaho's only seaport. That's because of the dams that are killing off the salmon. Also, I would hate to be Lewiston if #Dworshak Dam ever burst. Not as bad as Orofino.

Orofino[edit | edit source]

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Orofino is where the "Orofino Maniacs" play football and baskball.[1] Well, basketball for sure. I can't remember of Orofino is big enough to have a football team.

Dworshak Dam[edit | edit source]

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Dworshak Dam looms over Orofino. If that dam bursts (like folks were afraid might happen in Oroville[2]), then Orofino is in a world of trouble.

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