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The Doo Doo Top 40 is the name of YouTube playlist that User:RobLa started as an homage to Doo Doo Radio.

This playlist represents the Doo Doo Top 40:

Note: The Doo Doo Top 40 is on Twitter! See for more.

Playlists[edit | edit source]

See also: YouTube

Some playlists for Doo Doo Radio are on YouTube.

Doo Doo Roller Rink[edit | edit source]

Doo Doo Top 40[edit | edit source]

The playlist below represents the Doo Doo Top 40:

DooDooPedia[edit | edit source]

main article: DooDooPedia

DooDooPedia is a future project that User:RobLa has in mind....

MuppetKaraoke[edit | edit source]

User:RobLa is thinking of starting a YouTube channel with MuppetKaraoke. No frogs will be harmed in the project.

Here's a potential playlist:

Footnotes[edit | edit source]