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The code of conduct for this wiki is (by default) the same as the Miraheze Code of Conduct. There may be additional rules defined on thsi page. I'm studying the work of other collaborative efforts.


I don't yet have a strong opinion about the Miraheze Code of Conduct. It seems fine to me, but there might be parts that are missing.


The code of conduct for electowiki (and for roblawiki) is Miraheze Code of Conduct, plus the code of conduct for the election-methods mailing list[1], which is quoted below:

Please come prepared to defend the statements that you make, and to directly answer the questions that others ask of you. This list was set up to increase communication between people interested in new forms of election methodology, not as a sounding board for those who wish to drown out opposing views with prolific repetition of statements already made. When conflicts arise, please use this list to understand fully why the other side feels the way they do by honest intellectual inquiry. And when those who feel differently than you are trying to understand why you feel the way you do, please answer as honestly and directly as possible.
Hopefully this is all common sense, but sadly not common enough (hence the reason for this message). In summary, please ask, answer, and be humble.

I wrote that back in 1996. It's short, but it's over twenty years old. In fact, it can legally drink alcohol all over the United States. Go home, electowiki code of conduct; you're drunk!


See . I need to go back and read that.

See also:

Bill of Responsibilities

As of 03:46, 30 October 2020 (UTC), User:RobLa plans to develop a new "code of conduct" for many forums he's involved with, using the Bill of Responsibilities framework. See Talk:Bill of Responsibilities on this wiki for further discussion.