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Category:Trucks is possibly to talk about big diesel tractors in the "tractor-trailer" pairing, or it's to talk about pickup trucks like Ford pickups.

Peterbuilt[edit source]

My dad drove a Peterbuilt that he put together from a kit. He bought the cab/sleeper new from Peterbuilt, and then attached it to the frame from a wreck that he bought. He took pretty good care of that old rig all through the 1980s. I can't remember when we sold it. I remember helping him attach a bug guard to it, and then he got pulled over because it was red, and that was illegal in California. From what I understand, it was quite a scene when he jackknifed the Peterbuilt tractor-trailer (with low-boy trailer and some heavy machinery on the back) on US-95 in Idaho up north of New Meadows on the icy highway. Black ice; he didn't see it. He did a full 360-degree jackknife, and was grateful for the reasonably strong aluminum headache rack that he had on the back. The headache rack gets its name for a similarly-grim reason that the Mansfield bar gets its name.

Ford[edit source]

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Ford will claim that they make trucks that are tougher than Dodge trucks. IIRC, Dodge started partnering with Cummins on diesel engines, but I'm probably remembering that wrong. But IIRC, my dad really like Cummins engines. I'm pretty sure his Peterbuilt had a

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