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Nirvana was a band that was pretty popular in the 1990s

Bleach[edit | edit source]

When my friends at KUOI played Nirvana's Bleach for me, I didn't get it. I was getting my music minor at the time, and had been around a lot of good musicians at University of Idaho. Dan Bukvich was quite a good drummer, and he would demonstrate it every so often.

I came to appreciate Bleach. But the drumming wasn't very good....

Moscow[edit | edit source]

One of my friends tells me that Nirvana nearly played in Moscow (Idaho) in 1991. However, I'm told that Maggie's Dream was a better choice. I don't remember which one was getting more airplay on KUOI at the time; probably Maggie's Dream....

Nevermind[edit | edit source]

Nevermind became popular when I was an intern at Microsoft. My friends in Bellevue thought it was the bees knees. I still didn't get it. It was on the Billboard Top 40. I really didn't understand why, but it seemed like the 1990s were starting without me.

Wisconsin[edit | edit source]

It wasn't until I stayed with my parents and my brother out at the dairy in Wisconsin that I figured it out. It was music to piss off your parents. OHHHHHHHHH! Of course!

I'm a little slow. But I bought Nevermind at Tower Records in Bellevue when I moved back to Bellevue and had a good paying job (walking distance to the Redmond campus, but in Bellevue). You know what they say about Bellevue: "for a day or for a few months, until you get evicted because your apartment complex is being bulldozed to expand the Microsoft campus".

In Utero[edit | edit source]

In Utero was probably the final album that Nirvana released while Kurt Cobain was still alive. I never had the honor of meeting Cobain, but I did get to meet Krist Novoselic at a Negativland concert in Ballard in 1993 (I think it was 1993). Novoselic was complaining about the band in Florida who was also called "Nirvana" and claimed to have the name first.