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Moscow is a city in Russia or a city in Idaho, depending how you pronounce it.

Russia[edit | edit source]

main article: Russia

This is the one that most folks know about. Moscow used to be in the Soviet Union, but now it's just in Russia.

Idaho[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia has an article on:

because I went to University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho

I'm usually more concerned with the Moscow in Idaho. Pronounced "Moss Co.", as in a company that sells moss (rhymes with Idaho), rather than "Moss Cow". We were a little sensitive about being called "moo U", especially because WSU almost always suffered that slur. We often lost to WSU in [[football, but we made up for it by routinely beating BSU and their repurposed Denver Broncos fan t-shirts and Smurf-turf. But that was back in the 1990s; I don't think U of I beats BSU at football much anymore. What do I know, though; I don't watch football very much these days.