Ford pickup

Ford pickup is one of two things:

  • Henry Ford at a bar, saying "hey baby, have you ever seen a millionaire before? (putting pinky to mouth)
  • A Ford-branded "Truck(tm)". They never call them "pickups" anymore, it seems.


Ford has numbered their trucks the same way for a very long time, loosely based on the weight that the truck's suspension is capable of handling:

  • F-150 - a half-ton
  • F-250 - a 3/4 ton
  • F-350 - a one-ton
  • F-450 - a 1.5 ton
  • F-550 - a 2.5 ton(?) - I can't remember if that 4-wheel drive truck we had when I was a kid was an F-450 or an F-550. What I remember is that the thing seemed to have a top speed of 45 mph and was geared pretty low. But, regardless, once you get up to F-450 and F-550, I know that you're no longer talking about a light little pickup truck to haul a few small things from the garage to the dump.