Draft Rule 20201103e

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The rule: Don't burn bridges, and don't hide under them.

This rule is Draft Rule 20201103e for the "Bill of Responsibilities".

Details[edit | edit source]

This rule refers to bridges metaphorically in a purposefully ambiguous way:

  • Don't burn bridges - i.e. don't assume that others participating in a discussion with you are idiots. If given the choice between believing "the person I'm speaking with is an idiot" and "I don't fully understand the person I'm speaking to", choose the latter, and try to build a bridge to them.
  • ...and don't hide under them. - don't be a troll,and don't assume it is your sole responsibility to be the gatekeeper. You may think you're being a clever provocateur, but it could be that you're just being a jerk, dissuading others from joining your cause. One may not think they are being a troll, when in fact they deflating the enthusiasm of a newcomer.

See also: "What_is_a_troll?" on meta.wikimedia.org and Fremont Troll.

History[edit | edit source]

RobLa seems to have thought of this turn of phrase in November 2020. Possibly earlier, but he used RobLaWiki to capture it around then. Much of the above was spelled out in February 2022.